Why is Data Visualization in Demand this Year?

Data Visualization is one of the effective ways for a scientist and data analyst to communicate their findings. Data Visualization manipulates a complex pool of data to display the trends, correlations and patterns visually.

Since the past five years, the demand for Data Visualization has gone up by 2,500%. There are few reasons why the demand for data visualisation is going up this year, and so is the data visualization jobs opportunity.

A human brain can process the information using visual graphics like charts and graphs easier than reading the data from spreadsheets or reports.

Here are the few points for the ever growing demand for data visualization this year.

Explaining the data

Visualization for the explaining the information is best when it is cleanest. Here the ability to remove the noise (unwanted data) will increase the efficiency of a decision maker to understand the data and take the necessary action. This kind of data visualisation is found in the marketing presentations and sales reports of an organisation.

Customer Decision Making

Not only the companies require data visualization, but also customers require it to a large extent. As the customers have a purchasing power in their hand and also they have the freedom to choose between you and the competitor, it is required for a company to represent the data visually appealing and understanding.

This is the reason why companies like General Electronics, NASA and other MNC’s have started investing in providing interactive data visuals to the public as well as their customers. This allows the customers and public to better understand how the company is functioning and also interact in a self-directed manner with the company’s experts.

As the big data is growing bigger, so it the complexity of data too. So, to deal with these complex data sets and dozens of variables, data visualization becomes a critical element in an organization.

Different types of Data visualization

Similar to the set of languages we communicate like French, Japanese, etc., we have different kinds of data visualization to encode the ideas and transport it to the minds of viewer in a simple yet effective manner. As certain languages are more conducive to certain ideas, so are the types of visualization.

On a final note, if you are a designer or if you have a passion for designing, then there are lots of data visualization jobs opportunity available for you.


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